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Epic scenes in history

  1. Meteorkeeper
    There have been countless epic scenes in anime, movies, shows or even in your real life experiences witch ones stand out?
    Share with us your faverite epic scenes from any of these categories.

    There is one scene from Berserk that I cant forget, It started with the main character Guts and the female lead getting ambushed in the woods by 100+ mercenaries. He begins fighting them off and at some point creating an opening for the female lead to escape as she dose she notices he is slowly getting more and more injured. A few hours pass and she returns with solders to help Guts, as they approach the area where the battle took place they start finding more and more mercenary bodies but no Guts. Then finnaly they find him sitting against a tree eyes closed and wounds all over his body. It's that scene where they are looking at him sword in hand sarrounded by 30 or so dead mercs with a smile on his face it really left an impression on me.
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