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Favorite Character.

  1. Xanfiore
    Just post for fun ^^
    For your whoever is your fav character..

    Vongola Family
    -Tsunayoshi Sawada (Sky)
    -Gokudera Hayato (Tsuna's Right hand man, Storm Guardian )
    -Takeshi Yamamoto ( Rain Guardian )
    -Ryohei Sasagawa ( Sun Guardian )
    -Lambo ( Lightning Guardian )
    -Kyoya Hibari ( Cloud Guardian )
    -Mukuro Rokudo
    -Chrome Dokuro ( Mist Guardian )

    Kokuya Gang
    -Mukuro Rokudo
    -Chikusa Kakimoto
    -Ken Joshima

    Varia ( Vongola's Independent Assassination Team )
    -Xanxus (Sky)
    -Superbi Squalo ( Rain )
    -Lussuria ( Sun )
    -Leviathan ( Lightning )
    -Belphagor ( Storm )
    -Mammon/Viper ( Mist Arcobaleno )
    -Flan ( Mist )

    -Lal Mirch

    Shimon Family
    -Enma Kozato
    -Koyo Aoba
    -Larga Oyama
    -Adelheid Suzuki
    -Shitt. P / Shittopi
    -Julie Kato
    -Kaoru Mizuno

    There's also others which you can list it out your fav character >w<
  2. Luluka
    Lal mirch >w<
    cuz she's awesome..!
  3. RX-78GP01
    its gota be the rain flame users like Yamamoto, Squalo, Colonnello, and even Lal Mirch
  4. OtakuGoCrazy
    Hibari-san and Fran!
  5. vIvIeY_zErO
    Mukuro and Hibari-sama <333
  6. Megami-chan
    Hibari, Mukuro, Colonnello, Reborn e Gokudera
    In a nutshell, are the characters who do more laughing!
    But at the very first place is Hibary Kyouya!!
  7. Kusuke
    Enma (When he's not being an emotional baby) and Giotto are my favorite characters.
  8. Mattey
    Ryohei kuz i do boxing too!
    and Squalo kuz one of the things i say to my friends is wrai! xd
    and Yamamoto for having a relaxed style
  9. Kusuke
    Yeah, my close second would be Yamamoto. He's so laid back.
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