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Favorite characters?

  1. masterwazaboo
    btw,mines is TK
    TK FTW
  2. TomoyoSakagami
    Hinata and Otonashi!
  3. Ashminigun
    Most of the cast are decent and yet interesting, I'm more interested in character pairings.

    If I have to choose, I would pick Shiina, Yui and Kanade =3
  4. Xanfiore
    Yui and Hinata!
    For sure! xDD
  5. .:neuko:.
    I loved Angel Beats so much that I ended up watching the whole anime in 1 session! =3

    But damn... pretty much all of the characters are likeable! Oh well... I just give my top 3 for now:

    1. Kanade for her calm and quiet nature, but deadly skills in combat.
    2. Yui for the fact that she's cute and random.
    3. And Takeyama, just because he literally attacked Noda with the pi figure to umpteen decimal places, and he keeps saying "Call me Christ..."
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