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How good is your library?

  1. The Butcher
    The Butcher
    Mines crappy,I got 50 something books on my to-reads list,and they only have 30. The other 20 sound like some really good books.

    Another reason is I recommended to order American Psycho back in February,but they still didn't get it so I just went out an bought it,which it wasn't worth a buy. Of course,they still do not have it.

    ANOTHER reason is because they have bits and pieces of a series. They had all of the current Harry Bosch novels,except the first two,so I had to go out and buy them myself.
  2. Skylar1
    Mine was built on a $1,000,000 donation to the community by the grandfather of one of my neighbors. It's super nice. We generally have about 300-400 books added to the Pima county collection (which encompasses about 12 [I think] public libraries) each month.
  3. Hypatia
    Mine is not bad but, it could be alot better, I mean there are lots and lots of books. They dont seem to get all the new stuff.
    I should change. go to a better one.
  4. wizz-o-matic
    around 50 books, 1/3 of them are in English.
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