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  1. tsubasa92
    Speaking of TRC, how can we forget its crossover counterpart xxxHOLiC? *hahas*

    I was pretty shocked and sad that Yuuko actually died (she's my favorite female character of all time!), and the shop is taken over by Watanuki, where the series is titled "xxxHOLiC ~Rou~" from Watanuki as the new shop owner onwards.

    I do like Watanuki, but I still prefer Yuuko to be the shop owner. Especially all her talks about "hitsuzen". And her breathtaking costumes.

    At least the black Mokona still retains its cute and funny charm as always.
  2. Sapphire-Moon
    still shock myself. she was the one that got me into the show
  3. tsubasa92
    Yeah. When I read the part when she dies, I was like, "WHAAAAAAATTTTT???? No friggin' way!"

    Sigh. Just like what she told Watanuki: The dead can never come back alive again.

    I find Rou lose a lot of xxxHOLiC's original color and taste ever since Watanuki took over as the new shop owner. Quite disappointing for a great manga series.
  4. Hachisuka Goro
    Hachisuka Goro
    What I can't believe is that Watanuki had no divination training. (haven't read manga in a long time.)
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