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Stranger Things

  1. Tycke
    Do you believe that science can go too far and rip a hole in the fabric of space/time summoning strange aliens/eldritch to our planet? Do you believe that ordinary humans could communicate between planes of existence via ghosts or other extra-ordinary phenomenon?

    I think so. I'm definitely into science but I also think that too often we're eager to dive deeper than we're ready to comprehend with serious consequences - if you need an example look up Spelunker John Jones.

    I think human curiosity is great but we need to keep it in check lest we open pandora's box and really get ourselves in a bind. Of course, that said, we can't learn from other's mistakes unless those others make them, so I'm torn on the matter - I don't want to make the mistake but I want to either survive the catastrophe or be the hero who keeps it in check - but I want to know everything at the same time so I want to test things and push the limits.
  2. Wio
    I don't know what eldritch are. I don't see how you could rip a hole given the theory of special relativity. It would result in some sort of causality paradox. CRISPR has the power to be very dangerous, since you could create a deadly bacteria with it to which no one had any immunity.
  3. Tycke
    I've never even heard of CRISPR before! Neat.

    Eldritch are creatures of fantasy (although some people believe they are real) that are typically other-dimensional or at least unnatural and otherworldly creatures, usually depicted as alien cephalopods. Mind Flayers and Beholders from D&D could be considered Eldritch horrors in their own way but the most popular one is Cthulu.

    Eldritch horrors, not being natural, are probably immune to paradoxes and are usually hostile toward natural life or at very least indifferent about its affects on natural creatures.
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