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Lightning-speed Wolf Games.

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  1. SuXrys
    If it's possible then I would like to play to. I can most weekends and during most evenings. But I live in Sweden (+1h) if we are going to do it during a weekday.
  2. CrimsonMoon
    Is this idea abandoned? I think it'd be pretty fun to do this on weekend when most people are free.
  3. Todoroki
    It isn't...I hope we can pull one off soon.
  4. Todoroki
    So we're gonna make this a thing.

  5. RyuTama
    Yeah this needs to happen. o:
  6. Arrisu
    *Reappears from the land of the dead*
    (and anybody else interested lel)
    If you guys are still interested in doing Skype Mafia my suggestion is as followed:
    - I can create a Skype group in which we can all be added and communicate mafia related stuff there.
    - This group can be used to set up quick Skype games as well. I've been hosting Skype mafia in another place for a bit now and it's great fun. Games are usually between 1-2 hours. I wouldn't mind hosting a round or two to start.
    - If you're interested. Let me know in this thread, and then send me your skype through PM. I'll add you to the group.
  7. Nodoka LaMei
    Nodoka LaMei
    oooo this sounds fun! i'd be interested, but i'd have to know the time and stuff before hand
  8. RyuTama
    You already have my Skype Ribbon, you best add me to the group asap.
  9. DenjaX
    Yeah, I'm already playing with Ribbon lol
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