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General Talk

  1. Nemo Outis
    Nemo Outis
    Thread for discussing firearms in general. Range anywhere from hype of new pieces to nostalgia of curio and relics and beyond. Pretty self-explanatory.
  2. someoneofforumpast
    I went to a local Shotgun Range here in the loast couple of months, and went skeet shooting with some friends. First time I had ever done that, but it was a blast. 27/100 for my first time.
  3. Nemo Outis
    Nemo Outis

    Zastava, apparently. Went through Century. Concerned about increased screams for more import/export restrictions, and beginning calls for banning those not-rifles.

    Just another day.

    EDIT: BOHICA, news outlets are spotlighting Century Arms now.
  4. Sympathy
    fill me in on the import of Century Arms and "not-rifles". i haven't been following - well really, i don't follow world news in general, and that includes the Paris attacks.
  5. Nemo Outis
    Nemo Outis
    One of the Kalash pistols that were used in Paris came through Century once from Zastava. That's really it. They're looking into who took it back outta the U.S.

    EDIT: Good news! It wasn't. Apparently, Associated Press ran with the story without checking validity. That's one problem gone.
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