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favorite thing in Japan?

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  1. Khyla Faith Bagas
    Khyla Faith Bagas
    i like japanese culture,foods and they're place
    but what i like the most is manga...
    (follow me on fb!..)
  2. The_Angry_Princess
    The band Vistlip
  3. Solstice Nightx
    Solstice Nightx
    im learning japanese because of my father's situation [beng moved to okinawa, dad's in military]. so ill be moving in 1 month. cant wait to see what its like there ^^
  4. Solstice Nightx
    Solstice Nightx
    i also like the band XJapan [Metal band x3]
  5. Anuket
    The FOOD! and the culture of course, but mainly the food! ^ ^
  6. nanachan1
    everything really like the music and language
  7. 박숴밍
    The clothing brands and food- especially Miso, sushi and Udon along with Ramen!^^
  8. Reshad
    Japan is really cool btw im half japanese
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