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Which Character are you?

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  1. HomestuckOtaku
    I think my mind set is kind of childish... That's kinda how I imagine Kaito... So I guess I'm Kaito?
  2. xKMCK
    It says that I'm Akita Neru.
    But I rather be Luka because of GakupoxLuka ♥
  3. Achamo
    I... I'm Neru according to the quiz? But, I'm a type B tsundere, not type A...
    I think I'm more Rin. We even have the same height! And then my friends would be Len and... I guess Meiko or Lily.
  4. Nodoka LaMei
    Nodoka LaMei
    It says I'm Meiko.... I'd much rather be Miku or Gumi....
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