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Hosting Wolf

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  1. DenjaX
    aww. Guess we have to put up with vanillas for a while.

    @Ryu Doo eeet. I am sure most people on AF are open minded so they probably wont mind.
  2. CrimsonMoon
    Since I think I can be online for a week or so, I'll put up sign up thread tomorrow. Is that okay?
  3. ZombieWolf2508
    Hey hosts....when is the next game supposed to be?
  4. DenjaX
    Errrr... I don't know. It seems the forums is pretty quiet to start a game...
  5. RyuTama
    Did you guys just spontaneously combust over this Summer? Where is everyone?
  6. ZombieWolf2508
    Someone should just...kinda...randomly start a game. Anyone know what number the last game was?
  7. DenjaX
    I think it's 37 ill check.

    EDIT: yeah last game was deathblade's transformer 37th game

    you can start a wolf 38
  8. Nanobyte
    Can I host a game? I guess it won't be anytime soon though.
  9. ZombieWolf2508
    This thread was abandoned due to Wolf dying for about two years.

    So yeah, no one else post here. Please use this thread instead for all future requests.
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