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Healing With Love: a new begining

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  1. Kaleohano
    He holds her tightly. "why tell me that i can still fight? Lets live in a way that we no loner need to fight. I've got more than enough money for us to buy a house as big as you could ever want. Or buy a ship and sail the seas. We could just you know... settle down? Have kids? Live life."

    Lloyd tries to get into the mood, but cant. "I'm sorry baby, i'm just too worried about Lucas. I mean, whats gonna happen to him now? what if this doesnt work and Lucifer stays? whats he going to do?"
  2. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    [Wow Im sorta lost in the rp O__O.......]

    Misaki-"Master?Where do I put Luna?She is unconscious."
    Yuko-"Put her in the prison cell.She might come in handy."
    *Miskai picks up Luna's body and puts her in the cell.As soon as he sets her down she
    starts to awaken.*
    Misaki-"So you're finally awake?"
  3. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    aura looks up at lucas and smiles. " perhaps. we need to start planning the wedding then my love. *kisses lucas* and build our house by our own hands."
    meanwhile ithe other room with eli and lloyd" well honey he is going to live a more peaceful life settle down and live it to a family oriented fullest. probally unlike us while they are doing that and perhaps making wedding plans we help defend the castle and anyone we know or is in need of help."
    eli kisses him again reassuring him things are going to be much better.
    luna rubs her eyes yawning and reaches up and hugs misaki close. " yes i am. what will become of us....what will happen to the others?"
  4. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    ~Reminder:Misaki has been hynotised to work for evil Yuko~

    Misaki-"I don't know.But I hear that one couple is having a wedding.It seems as if
    Yukoo's Wrath is just a joke to some people.Hmm maybe we should kick it up a notch.
    Excuse me while I go to discuss our next plans with Master." *he gets up about to leave Luna alone in her cell*
  5. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    luna;sits looking up at the ceiling*- whatever happens i still want to be yours and just yours...*she whispers*
  6. Kaleohano
    Lucas studies Aura carefully "I really like the sound of that. It would be a new beginning for both of us. As far as wedding plans go, i'll leave that to you. I want you to indulge yourself. Make it as elaborate as you want. Like i said, money is not a concern." He gets up out of the bed and holds his hand out to help Aura get up "come on, i really would like to go for a walk, and maybe a few drinks. Its gonna take a while for me to get used to my new self."
  7. Kaleohano
    Lloyd is silent for a few moments "Lucas, settle down? Somehow i have a hard time believing that. as unfortunate as it is. We are gods, trouble is simply a part of your lives. No matter how far we travel or how hard we try to remain anonymous, those eager to test themselves always find us. But i do wish that he can at least find peace for a little while. As for us, i'm completely agreed with you. We are both swords, and the only sheath we can ever settle in is a scarlet coat of blood" he tighly grabs her hips, kissing her passionately then looks deep into her eyes "and what an absolutely beautiful sword you are."
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