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  1. Kagome
    So-The Spider-Man reboot is on DVD nao~ What are the thoughts on the reboot? Hate it? Love it? Why? Pros and cons?
  2. Fuu Kasumi
    Fuu Kasumi
    I really enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man. Personally, I prefer it over the Tobey Maguire movies. Mainly because there is much less gross-sobbing due to the fact Tobey isn't in it.
    I like that they had Peter with Gwen Stacey (his first true love) instead of Mary Jane this time around, although MJ is going to be in the sequel (played by Shailene Woodley.) I think the biggest thing that made me like this movie more than the original trilogy is that it had more humor? Peter got to be sassier this go-around, more like the character was in the comics and cartoons.
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