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Light, Saviour or Sinner?

  1. catie
    So, light kills criminals. Do you think he should be treated as a saviour or a sinner.
  2. loner127
    light is should be treated like a savoir.
  3. nanachan1
    at first i thought he was a savior but now i think his a sinner and that makes me sad and mad for what he did
  4. chinooji
    To me light is a savior. yes, it's a 'sin' to kill, but criminals are put to death everyday so why should he be treated only as a murderer by the police if we do the same thing? On the count of killing the criminals, I support 100%.
  5. Will Phuah
    Will Phuah
  6. iLXAke4#P#AW^cEtbz%tB6vV
    Light is a savior. Removing the criminals from the world is amazing.
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