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who's your favorite shinigami?

  1. sephygirl1789
    my favorite is ryuk!!! he's hilarious lol
  2. sephygirl1789
    no one has a favorite?
  3. animangachik315
    oh im sorry havent cheked in a while but mines ryuk too!
  4. delightfullymad17
    ryuk is aweaome and so is rem! you can't forget rem! misa's shingami
  5. Kallen Kozuki Bella
    Kallen Kozuki Bella
    hyiee guyz, i'm new here

    glad to meet you all.. by the way among ryuk and rem, i like ryuk cause his funny and awesome,, and he loves apple like me
    but i aslo love rem,, cause who would never expct, a shinigami, falling inlove to a human,, so amazing...L
  6. sephygirl1789
    yeah it is unusual and nice to meet u too!
  7. Will Phuah
    Will Phuah
  8. Reshad
    Ryuk no doubt
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