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what vocaloid would you be

  1. miyabikazama
    if you were any vocaloid who would you be and why???(all vocaloid allowed even the song version like rin meltdown and many others)
  2. Kagamine Twins
    Kagamine Twins
    RIN!!!! cuz she's my favorite, and i prefer all her songs (with a few exceptions...)
  3. dango-chan
    Kaiko! Because Kaito's my favorite, but I couldn't be Kaito, 'cuz I'm a girl, so Kaiko! XD
  4. pacificmoon214
    Definitely Luka because she has a calm personality her songs are my favorite.
  5. -Sasuke Uchiha-
    -Sasuke Uchiha-
    Maybe Len or Luka. I'm confused to choose these two.
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