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where to learn japanese easily: WWW.STUDYJAPANESE.ORG

  1. xoxspammy
    this is the website where i learn japanese. it teaches you quite nicely. i know how to say "how are you?" "how do you do?" and stuff like that. So if you want to learn how i learn, check it out.
  2. Lord
    I hope it's effective.
  3. Sapphire-Moon
    thanks for the website. its better thank one website I went to,, it was good at some point
  4. xoxspammy
    oh, your welcome! its just that i think you guys would like to know where to go if i am not on here to make a new post, and i also did it to give the website its credit.
  5. 박숴밍
    You can also go to Denshijisho (
  6. Maki the contractor
    Maki the contractor
    Thanks I'll defenately use this site sorry if my spelling is off my brain doesn't work in the mornings
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