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Learn japanese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. xoxspammy
    If you are interested in learning actual Japanese, I will be making a group that will be about learning some.

    About the Group:

    1. Look for this name: "Learn Japanese"
    2. I will most likely be the first discussion explaining what the group is ALL about.
    3. The group is mostly about having fun with Japanese.
    4. When the discussion is made, it will have the Japanese characters, then in Romaji( Japanese using the English alphabet), and the finally in English.

    If you want to join then you may, everyone is welcome to. If you have any questions, just ask.
  2. Khyla Faith Bagas
    Khyla Faith Bagas
    ..tnx ..ill definitely join!
  3. azunyan
    Thnx! I'll join too!
  4. 박숴밍
    Hm... What about Hiragana and Katakana? I'm not sure what you mean by Japanese characters or if you're only teaching Kanji...
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