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What is/are your favorite game(s), and what console?

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  1. Freakysweets
    Super Mario world for snes,
    spy vs spy for nes
    SuperSmaahBrothers for n64
    kingdom hearts2 for ps2
  2. Sapphire-Moon
    Kingdom hearts (PS2/Gameboy advance)
    Mario (Wii/Gamecube/PS2/N.64/Gameboys)
    Legend of Zelda(PS2)
  3. Lily Hayashi
    Lily Hayashi
    mario kart ( ds)
    zelda spirit track ( ds)
    naruto dragon blade ( wii )
  4. dango-chan
    Dead Or Alive on 3DS, Pokemon Black on DS, Fallout:New Vegas and Fallout 3 on PS3, Miku Hatsune--Project Diva--, Miku Hatsune--Project Diva 2nd-- and K-on! After School Live on PSP, Super Smash Bros. Brawl on Wii.
  5. Sighanide
    I COMPLETELY hate consoles, and being a Game Developer I find the whole Valve Roundup(L4D series, HL Series, Portal Series, TF2) all great. I enjoy games only on the PC, because I hate consoles(ALL OF 'EM) so:
    TES: Oblivion (PC)
    Mass Effect Series (PC)
    Discount Mayonnaise (PC)
  6. Sighanide
    BTW I MADE Discount Mayonnaise...
  7. Loxaerion
    Hitman series (PC)
    Devil May Cry (PS2 and planning to play DMC4 in PC)
    Dragon Age: Origins (PC)
    Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow & Dark Mirror (PSP, and planning to play the other SF in PC)
    Tenchu (PS2/PSP)
    Final Fantasy 8 (PC), FFX(PS2)
    MGS Peacewalker (PSP)
    Assassin's Creed (PSP and planning to play the previous games in our PC)
    Vagrant Story (a PS1 game but played it on my PSP)
    Parasite Eve: 3rd Birthday (PSP)

    and many more...
  8. SakuraKiss13
    Harvest Moon Series
    Final Fantasy Series
    Pokemon Series
    Valkyria Chronicles 2
    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona
    Patapon 3
  9. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Kingdom Hearts Re Coded(Nintendo ds)
    Killzone series(PS3)
    Red Dead Redemption(PS3)
    Assassins Creed Series(PS3)
    Call Of Duty Series(PS3)
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