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Elmentary school science...

  1. CrystalAce
    Who doesn't love it? I do.
  2. FanoBliv
    I luvvered HS science, where we got to dissect Frogger.
  3. Eris
    Why so? It's all mostly lies to children. Heck, it's not until you're half way through undergraduate level science they stop lying to your face. Graduate level science is where the real awesome lives.
  4. sunnyside
    Heh. I didn't know they'd formalized at all the "lies to children" stuff.
  5. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    i learn about the earth and minerals
    and stuff.My grade is 99%!!!
  6. The Ace RailGun
    The Ace RailGun
    Remember the good old days of elementary when the science fair was required?
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