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*poke* anyone alive in here?

  1. raede
    ^_- salutations. Just wanted to see if anyone's active in this group. I've only very recently gotten into Ranma 1/2 and IT IS CONSUMING ME. I'm only halfway through Season 3, so I've got plenty more to keep me entertained... but I'm feeling that fan-girl itch, and I've yet to find a good Ranma fan community to satisfy its needs. Anybody know of any good ones? Maybe this little gem's just too old to have any active comms left
  2. mewpudding101
    Check DeviantArt, i guess. This probably wouldn't be the place. ^^;
  3. SuXrys
    I have only read the manga - AND I LOVED IT!

    * Were can I find the anime?

    And my dear friend, there is nothing wrong with feeling" fangirly" - its a universial feeling that is connecting us all into anime. ^.^
  4. Kappei Yamaguchi
    Kappei Yamaguchi
    It an old show, but for the fact that people have found this group tells you that it still has fans.
  5. Kagome
    Manga was bloody epic. I own the entire manga. x3 Only seen some of the anime, but that's okay.
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