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A change in heart <3

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  1. Kaleohano
    Lucas is walking on clouds today. "I am absolutely loving that outfit! and yes lets go see what they're up to."
    On the way Lucas recounts what he vaguely remembers from the previous night. "Well cloud and i were training and i knocked him out, then you and Hinge got into a right and i told you to make up with him....ummm... after that there was something i had to do...cant remember what...but i do know that you invited up to 'our room' as you put it...and seeing as to the clothing were were...not...wearing, i'm pretty sure you can guess at what happened next." Blushes and smiles at Aura. then frowns slightly, "You don't regret what you?"
  2. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    aura(serious) "no not at all. and if hinge has a problem with it then oh well! he will understand"(sees hinge and how depressed he looks)
    hinge (see aura look at him and shakes his head and walks away mumbling)
    Aura(whispers)"he read our minds and the actions we did he knows what we did and he wont talk to me i dont think few a days."(looks sadden and shameful)
    -new character-
    Iris (shocked )aura is that you. how have youve been sis?!
    -her brother hasnt seen her for a while has been traveling the country and is protective around her . ....very funny about people .....takes a while to trust others
    Iris(scoffs) whos this jock. sis did you? my sister safety senses went off! you guys did didnt you. sis becareful you dont want the same thing to happen to this guys what you did to hinges cousin now do you?"
    Aura(angry ) shut up about that!"
  3. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Suki(walking in the hallway sees Aura Lucas and Iris)''What are you guys doing.''(sees Aura's suit) ''And what are you wearing!?This
    is an association not a riot house for perverts!And who's this i don't remember seeing you here!''
    (Suki sees Dante's brother Vail come outside into the hallway only to hear Suki yelling)
    Suki-(keeps yelling stuff at Aura and the others)
    Vail-(walks over and stands in the middle of the hallway)(inhales then yells)''SHUT UP!''
    (Suki quickly shuts up) Vail-''Why the F*% are you yelling and who the F%& are you guys!?And i swear to god if anyone says anything else that does not answer any of my questions your all dead meat!''
    Suki-''They a-are friends of Dante H-Hinge and S-Sizary''
    Vail-*looks at Aura*''You.What are you wearing.Did you have permission.Or are you stupid enough that u think everything is yours?''
  4. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Vail-''If you want to wear something suitable for being with us you have to take off those porno clothes...Wear something
    like this''*tugs on his hoodie*

    Vail-*looks at Lucas* ''And u if you wanna F*$% a chick do it at your own house.You freaking disgust me.''
  5. Kaleohano
    Lucas smirks. "Heres what i see, you are a jealous and bad tempered man who never was allowed to experience the company of a woman due to your organizations out-dated rules, vows and traditions. This leaves your heart filled with contempt and hatred. This then turns you into a foul mouthed little brat who has the audacity to think that he can control anyone he wishes because he is a 'trained assassin'." Black-wing shaped shadows rise out of Lucas and the rooms begins to freeze as he steps closer to Vail until he is only a few inches away. Lucas starts speaking with an icy voice backed by absolute authority while looking down at Vails face with unblinking eyes as the shadow wings start to shake menacingly appearing as though they wanted to Kill Vail. "Know this Vail, you may bad-mouth me all you want. such things do not bother me. I've out-grown my pride a long time ago and am perfectly aware of, and happy with who I am thus making it pointless for your little tirade."
  6. Kaleohano
    The volume of Lucas' voice streakily increases with his speech "However, if you speak in such a manner to Aura again - the woman I Love, a woman UNKNOWN to you -, then I shall deliver unto you a message as your personal angel of death."
    The area around Vail darkens as the wings close in around him. But then the room brightens up again and the wings recede back into Lucas leaving only the freezing cold and Vails pale, dumbfounded face and the cold as evidence of what had just transpired. "This was your warning. You will not receive another one." Turns around and walks back to Aura and Iris adopting a more pleasant demeanor while motioning down the hall and smiling "Shall we?"
  7. Kaleohano
    After walking down the hall for a little Lucas whispers into Auras ear "Whenever you have a moment, theres something i would like to discuss with you in private." Then turns to Iris and offers his hand "Pardon me, but i do not think we have met before. I am Lucas Martin. I understand that you are Auras brother? Well its a pleasure to meet you. Might i know your name good sir?"
  8. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Iris(scoffs) my name is Irisiland Bon better treat my sister well or ill have your heart for breakfast!"(snarls and walks away)
    Aura(sighs)ignore him he is just really protective and you guys this is my own outfit i bought in the conversary!!!! geez!!"
    Iris*aura be careful like i said!!*
    Aura(rolls eyes and walks away with lucas)

    -new chapter-?
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