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If I was an anime character

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  1. Animeguytotheright
    Tenchi is one of the lucky sob in this world. Who wouldn't kill to be him.
  2. Meteorkeeper
    I know right, and you know what peeves me the most? The Fact that he from time to time acts like he is really unlucky and that he refuses to choose one of the girls he’s such an indecisive...grumble...grumble.
  3. Vaishu
    I would be Axel from Inazuma11 ank be the Ace striker of the team:-p
  4. sakuraAnne
    I want to be like Sakura...
  5. SakuraKiss13
    I'd be Kyouya Ootori. Cool, Smart and Composed.
  6. Jasanime
    I would be Rangiku from Bleach. Her personality is similar to mine in that she's very relaxed, easy-going and loves to shop and drink.
  7. Mystelinth
    I would be Sakata Gintoki from Gintama. Why? because he's relaxed, doesn't really think about important matters and is there for you when it counts.
  8. Will Phuah
    Will Phuah
    I'd be Rock Lee! Cuz' he's a hardworking guy and seriously, I'm not.
  9. BigDangoFamily
    I'd really want to be Hawkeye from Full Metal Alchemist!! She's so cool!
  10. Reshad
    id be doraemon and do whatever i wanna XD
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