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Interested in Doing an Online Writing Workshop?

  1. pleasant_disorder
    I'd have to work out the details for how we'd do this, but for those of you that don't know, I'll explain what a writing workshop is:

    Basically, it's a group of writers that gets together and gives criticism on a person's piece. Workshops are intensely important for any serious writer because it helps you gauge an audience's reaction to the piece, whether it's a poem, fiction, or creative non-fiction. For instance, if several people express that there is a problem with your voice's continuity (i.e. the voice sounds younger in some parts, older in another or the voice sounds more intellectual in certain areas than others), then you might want to look at your voice and see if you can strengthen it.
  2. pleasant_disorder
    Some ground rules:

    All criticisms are welcome. But please understand: praising a person's piece will make them feel good and warm inside, but it won't help them in the progression of working on their story. You don't want to shoot someone down, but you want them to also take something away from their critique.

    Criticism isn't personal. If someone tells you that the piece is cliche and you need to start from the ground up, don't take it personal. First of all, this is an opinion based deal, and an opinions vary. So if you don't agree with what someone says, don't take their advice.

    I just wanted to gauge some reaction from people before I put work into this idea. I'll also be posting this in the fan-fiction/prose and poetry threads.
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