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Special Characters

  1. marvelangga
    I know this has been a problem we've been encountering since time immemorial but, why can't the AL lyrics page display the special characters properly? I really hate seeing something like "�" when I forgot to remove/replace them. Would it require some system upgrade? (something I have no idea of...)

    I don't know about you guys but, doesn't it make you feel bad to exclude those special characters from the original lyrics source? To me, it feels like butchering the song itself.
  2. AzureDark
    We know how to display those things, but sometimes we miss looking and correcting the display so if you see them please please give us the link instead of just vaguely mentioning it.
  3. marvelangga
    Ohh... so it can actually be displayed just fine but, you need to correct it..? *confused* oh well, that may be troublesome for you... =.=
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