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what music that you like?

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  1. dango-chan
    Anime, J-Pop and Vocaloid music!
  2. Simphoni
    I'll listen 2 anything my ears can take
    But I really like listening 2 Heavy Metal + Alternative Rock
  3. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    i like a little hip hop and a lot of hard core rock.
    it's the rock when they yell a lot!
    but not country(makes my head hurt)
  4. xFoxRaverx
    I mostly like anything, but my favorites are Dubstep, hardstyle, and Metal(: But I am partial to Classical at times.
  5. bellecory
    I love rock,country
  6. SakuraKiss13
    Country and American Pop~!
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