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  1. Ashminigun
    Which mobile suit from any franchise that you find overkill (Pilot uberly skill : High-end customed/prototype MS with special ability/ unfair weapon platform)

    I find both Strike-Freedom and Infinite Justice overkill.
  2. smile1010
    Sadly I agree with you, the ORB-01 Akatsuki, was the BIGGEST overkill I've ever seen. T.T
  3. Ashminigun
    *oops, my bad*
  4. Ashminigun
    You know what, Strike-Freedom and Infinite Justice are old news.

    00 Raiser Gundam redefine the meaning of overkill. It has almost limitless energy and has two stages of power-up of sort. Unicorn Gundam might rival the top of the list but we don't yet kno wthe extend of Banagher's Newtype ability.
  5. smile1010
    In whatever stage of the series they are, to defeat the bad guy, they always come up with a gundam that one ups the previous one. Even though the previous one was made out to be the best machine that could possibly of been made. (A pure gold gundam, seriously??)
  6. Ashminigun
    However, it's the Zeon who have to keep up with the Amuro and its RX-78-2 to subdue the Gundam threat in the battlefield. Even one time, the RX-78-2 cannot keep up with Amuro as his Newtype abilities have evolved exponentionally over time.
  7. Gjallarhorn
    SEED in general is overkill; the abilities of the mechs are close to those of Super Mecha than that of Real Mecha.

    00 is overkill once they get Trans-am involved with everything; though realism was certainly never one of the considerations in this series.
  8. Hypatia
    SEED. Shame people are still riding a dead horse. The series came out and now its dead but people still insist on trying to kill it even though it is dead.
  9. Yuna Rahl
    Yuna Rahl
    Wing Zero and Wing Zero Custom with ZZ. got to lov th mega particle cannons
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