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who is tobi ?

  1. uchiharyuko
    do you really think tobi is madara?
    so, how do you explain kabuto use edo tensei to revive madara ?
  2. Satsuki Kiyoshi
    Satsuki Kiyoshi
    Tobi is just a disguise to keep Madara a secret. Tobi is like Madara's split personality. Madara never died he just kept himself hidden by the presence of others so that he won't be discovered after the swift killing of the Uchihas. You see Madara killed his clan so that his sharrigan will grow more powerful that is the power of the Uchihas , Hatred to others makes them powerful. Madara used his sharringan too much which led to the blurring of his eye vision. So he killed his younger brother and took his sharringan never to lose his eye sight again. All the ninjas thought that he was dead so he made Tobi to hide himself to others that knew he was dead. Still Madara stays as a secret to others except those who are his allies. ..... you get it
  3. uchiharyuko
    not really..haha..
    but. thank for the explanation
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