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What are your favorite Hatsune Miku songs?

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  1. Lumi Chan
    Lumi Chan
    Well my fav song is Tripshots- Nebula...i like this song because miku looks diffrent , she looks like in the song "Melody" ohh in fact this is other beautiful song and i like it a lot ^^
  2. Queen Leo
    Queen Leo
    Kusari no Shoujo
    Girl in Chains
    loveliest song evar!!!!!!!!!! (note: yes i'm a female -_- )
    and i have the vocal range of miku hatsune
  3. TranceLoverFilipino
  4. ChaosShadow1
    my favorite is love is war thats the first song of hers i heard i loved it because she looked good in it and i liked the song itself please dont think wrong of me for loving her mainlly because of her a guy by the way so...yeah
  5. himeko2251
    I like the song of the Summer Sky by Hatsune Miku.
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