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How Did You Meet Hatsune Miku?

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  1. Skilero
    I was browsing YouTube one day and came upon a top-rated comment for a music video completely unrelated to Vocaloid that referred to Miku Hatsune as a better vocalist than the singer in the video. I'd went and Wikipedia searched the name, and the magic goes from there.
  2. marvelangga
    ^ Liked.
  3. Kazehaya Kairu
    Kazehaya Kairu
  4. TranceLoverFilipino
    I discovered her when I saw her picture being put as a back ground of some music(i saw her many times) here's the example. She looks epic here and I found out that she's is a figure for vocaloid type songs. That's also the the moment I discover vocaloid. And I like the music style but not my type. I'm more on trance
  5. himeko2251
    I was looking in a manga called Lucky Star.
    When I got to the last page I saw a pic of Hatsune Miku.
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