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What Anime Chars do you like?

  1. Neji-Hyuuga5
    Why you like the char:
  2. sephygirl1789
    i like ed from fma cause of his personality and sasuke, itachi, and orochimaru and kimimaro from naruto cause of the looks and the moves they can do and train heartnet cause of his humor and kaname kuran for being a softy when it comes to yuki and ayame cause he is just so gosh darn hilarious from fruits basket
  3. Neji-Hyuuga5
    Anime:naruto fma bleach dbz
    Char:enji saskue ed hitsugaya goky

    Why you like the char: i like neji becuas ei am a hyuuga fan saskeu i like saskue alot ed i like him alot too hitsugaya becuase he is my fravitore char form bleach goku he is jsut i like me i like to save the world.
  4. sakuraAnne
    Anime: Card Captor Sakura and Alice Academy
    Char: Sakura
    Why you like the char: I love sakura for being a good gurl...someday i will be like her too...hahaha
  5. sephygirl1789
    theres to many when new anime comes out i cant decide since durarara came out
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