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What do you like the most about Loli's? :D

  1. Nanobyte
    I like how they are cute and perverted.
    What do you like about Loli's? :'D
  2. melissapankey43
    Wat is an loli?
  3. AzuuKaBoom
    Same =] but mainly the cute part =P
    I'm not a perv =P I just like cute things that girls do =]
  4. dodgerfisher
    She is cute and the way they dress.
  5. konkikushuro
    Mainly what i look for is that yandere side, then it's perverted ness, but otherwise mostly shyness or cuteness.
  6. Todd
    The cuteness obviously. But I love how they just speak they're minds, they just come out and say "I love you" or whatever comes to their minds. But I also like when they have twintails, or they're tsundere... And yes the pervertedness as well ^_^
  7. himeko2251
    I like how cute the characters are.^-^
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