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First Discussion

  1. Vintniv
    What is your favorite episode of House?

    My favorite is the episode Airborne.
  2. xoxspammy
    my favorite is when he and Cuddie are on the plane and she thinks that this korean guy is sick with a disease that was contagious and that he had to be hospitalized, but house figure out hat he went scuba diving that day before.
  3. Nanobyte
    I love the episode in wich he thinks he's in the real world, but he's just dreaming, actually, in the end, it was all just a dream, he got shot.
  4. Vyndrasta
    Season 3 - Ep #2: The one where this kid is seeing "aliens", claims he's being abducted by aliens and such.
    I was fascinated when they said, "alien DNA". Now, I was flipping through the channels and just happen to land upon House
    out of the ordinary.
  5. Elphaba
    I love Airborne too XD
    I had no idea you could make your self sick
  6. Bamboobowl
    Season 6. Episode #1. "Broken".

    Arguably one of the best episodes of House yet, You get to see Gregory in a different light; Raw. Definitely my personal favorite.
  7. aether
    I just love every episode
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