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code geass season 3?

  1. masterwazaboo
    i just heard that theres a season 3 but is it true?
    anyone heard any information?
  2. FlowerMaiden
    All i've heard about it is that it will be focused on C.C >.<
  3. masterwazaboo
    you mean no lelouch?
    did he really die?
  4. Sapphire-Moon
    wow a season 3 cool but it might not be good as the others (hope I'm wrong)
  5. under the rain
    under the rain
    If it happens, it had better not have Lelouch in it.

    That would kind of ruin it for me.
  6. Megami-chan
    apparently there will be, in an Italian site, I read this ... Let's see if I can translate it ... (italian site)

    The official website for Bandai mobile phone has just released the image at right, whose title reveals:
    "Approved the creation of a new project on Code Geass! More in 2010! "

    Immediately following, the signed message ZERO:

    "This is a new genesis ... On the day of rebirth.
    Today, Geass has reached a new stage.
    Soon, you will be given a new Geass.
    Long for dreaming and waiting with enthusiasm.
    Do not forget.
    Geass is like a wish.
    If you wish, Geass will do ... "

    The problem is that 2010 is already past and yet there is no news!
  7. eagle heart
    eagle heart
    Ther better be lelouch in it or else (plz let there be lelouch in season 3 or well there be a season 3)
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