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Singable Lyrics section

  1. AzureDark
    Previously I was really against singable lyrics as they aren't really true lyric translation, added to my reasonings here.

    But lately I've changed my stance with it so in response to a mail I got a long time before, I'm thinking of adding a sub-section for singable lyrics in LD, effective the next general mod meeting. What do you guys think, is it worth the time to actually do singable lyrics too? What are your suggestions? Keep in mind that this won't be up anywhere on the site and is more of a sub-project we could undertake.
  2. Hikarin
    Hmmm..... I think it might work, but would anyone have the time for it? I have seen a lot of "singable lyrics" butcher the original meaning of original versions completely though. It depends on who would be willing to take time and do such a thing.
  3. AzureDark
    There needs to be a sacrifice when it comes to singable lyrics - you don't go for meaning anymore. Just don't make up a completely different scenario, that's how much I'd allow it for.
  4. Hikarin
    So in other words use the same tune but different lyrics? Like the difference between Hikari and Simple and Clean? That could work I guess^^
  5. marvelangga
    Making singable translation-lyrics, although interesting, would definitely be difficult; unless you're a born gifted/genius. The focus would be divided between retaining much of the meaning, and the rhyming of words. I already had experienced here locally (in our country) a lot of songs that are local versions of Western (American) songs, and they were so horrible that I don't know whether to laugh or cry. And won't we need the approval of the song producer as well? Because it would be somehow like totally making your own song out of the same tune, but still depends on how it will be done.

    If ever, many translators should be willing to dedicate a part of their time for that sub-project so putting it up won't go to waste. I'm not sure for myself though, I'm not even expert in the translation department yet...
  6. mewpudding101
    I make those kind of lyrics all the time. I'd post the one I have for Koi wa Mizu iro, but my lyrics are on my external hard drive, and well... It won't connect to my laptop. Ahahaha...
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