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WTF moments in Naruto

  1. ~Fallen~Angel~
    i know this is from regular anruto but its still WTF, the ep. when they tried to find out what kakashi looks like without his mask but then found out it was anothe mask. And from shippuden when sakura said dhe liked naruto and he said your kidding yourself.
  2. ploekje13

    now this is a WTF moment o_O
  3. Sapphire-Moon
    plenty of WTF moments when it was naruto vs pain, so epic
  4. chinooji
    haha yes yes, the WTF was funny to me when Sakura tried to take off the burden of bringing Sasuke back from Naruto's shoulders by saying she was in love with him...hehe no one believed that! haaaa I didn't think she would say such a half-hearted thing when everyone knows she would've killed her best friend just to kiss Sasuke...ahaha soo funny( I say this, but, if it wasn't Naruto Shippuden, Naruto probably would've believed it)Nyahahaha
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