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Naruto and Disney

  1. StupidEJ95
    There is two(maybe more) things that is wrong with that.

    - Disney is for kids and Naruto has content not suitable for someone that watches Jojo's circus (Sexy Jutsu, some fight scenes etc.)

    - Naruto doesn't need Disney. There are over fifty manga volumes (and counting). It was also in Shonen Jump, and has been around for over ten years.
  2. Stripes
    Well, I would have loved it if Naruto was aired on Disney India. Atleast, they air the entire show. I don't see any adult thingy in Naruto besides that perverted jutsu. Disney's got the right to make money. Anyway, Disney XD is not childish. Dragonball Kai on Nick~ now that is something to overreact upon.
  3. Shini
    Also Sexy Jutsu isn't all that bad. The little clouds can be further added for more censorship if needed.
  4. StupidEJ95
    Okay maybe I did overreact on the first thing. My mom never lets me watch Anime (Pokemon is an exception) when my four year old nephew visits.
  5. ~Fallen~Angel~
    naruto and disney would clash at some point cuase later in the series a very mature thing would happen so i wonder how disney would censor that
  6. Sapphire-Moon
    I'm still shock that disney actually have an anime on their channel, but hey, its on XD and thats not a bad channel
  7. Lily Hayashi
    Lily Hayashi
    disney shouldnt have naruto naruto has much violince <-- didnt spell it right-- but xd is better so it might work
  8. chinooji
    hmm well it is Disney so I think it's a little much. However, they have some stuff on Disney XD thats questionable, it depends on what they censor Naruto's sexy jutsu, Jaraiya peeking at girls and such but ..well I watch MA stuff a lot so maybe I shouldn't say anything?(Nyahaha)
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