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Updates Page

  1. Rei
    The new updates page is win. So is the custom search bar on it.
  2. AzureDark
    The search bar is embedded along with the FB gadget in the AL CSS. It's been there all the while iirc, just somewhere less noticeable.

    The other day I asked Kaitou to limit the search page since I know they are using bots to copy lyrics (you can see from the escape sequences dotted around the copied stuff which means it's not copy-pasted). He already envisioned that bots would be smart enough to login; I was testing this mode first to see if it was dumb enough not to.

    I didn't expect the message that replaced the updates page though, so we need some explaining to do if we'd to get rid of it in such short notice.
  3. Rei
    Bots, huh? That's another level altogether...I'll be waiting to see what happens next, then.

    Well, if people do ask...or they could always create an account.
  4. Rei
    I see, that's the new precaution. Now we'll just have to wait and see if it'll be a little more inconvenient, but worth it (?)
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