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MK's AF family talk

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  1. Meteorkeeper
    There all wonderful.
    Thank you very much for contribution.
    Now for the difficult task of choosing one to add to my sig.
  2. Ezza Obsuna
    Ezza Obsuna
    thanks and your welcome.
    hhhmm.. i'll go and edit my siggy now.
  3. Meteorkeeper
    Well everyone lets see your creativity, post some more banners I am really curious to see what you all can do.
  4. aether
    Perhaps I should try making one at some point during this week for the sheer heck of it
  5. Meteorkeeper
    I will be looking forward to it. ^^
  6. aether
    Don't hold high expectations it won't be brilliant
  7. Meteorkeeper
    No worrys I am shore it will be fine.
  8. aether
    Nah I literally cannot do stuff on the computer I just don't have enough of a steady hand
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