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do you have a puppy friend?

  1. hotair baloon
    hotair baloon
    hi!! i am totally crazy about dogs!!!!i love them all!!the big ones,the small ones,the funny and the impresive ones!!!i am lucky enough to have my puppy friend living with me!!he is a shih tzou and i adore him!!so do tou have any puppy friends?????
  2. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    this is my puppy.I named her mom sold her while
    i was in school.I MISS HER!!!!!!!!!!!
    she was the smallest dog we had.her first name
    was Little Ear Muffs.
  3. azunyan
    Kawaii !!!! She's so cute!!!

    Our dog gave birth to 4 pups not too long ago, but my mom gave them all away... T_T
    But she did give 1 to my cousin who lives just a few houses away, so I get to see him often!
  4. hotair baloon
    hotair baloon
    she is super cute indeed!!!!<3 do you have any other dogs?
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