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Vocaloid VY2 Released

  1. I A
    I A

    Ladies, Gentlemen, and of course, Otakus, the new Vocaloid VY2 of the VY series has finally been released.

    Wiki page can be found
    here. Demo songs can also be found on the Wiki page.

    Vocaloid VY2 was actually delayed, but none the less, this Vocaloid i among one of the most realistic sounding of all the Vocaloids. VY1 has a higher pitch, but still has no set avatar, including gender. However, because of the higher pitch, VY1 is often considered female. VY2 is improved and is also more masculine sounding. You can find a good comparison in this demo song:
  2. Xeyuzio
    Wow, his/her song sounds good. O_O Can't wait to hear more from this Vocaloid. <3
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