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Group Rules ---- Read Before Posting!

  1. Hikarin

    Make sure you read these thoroughly or it might see your posts deleted.

    1) Read the first post of each topic carefully to see whether or not we allow you to post in that thread or not (like how we have above). Some we'd like to keep clean in case we want to add more content later on.

    2) Please post in the correct topics. We try to keep things organised here.

    3) Do not create any new threads without our permission. If we feel that a new thread is needed, we may allow it, but otherwise it will just create a packed and hard to navigate group.

    4) There will be zero tollerance on bullying, flaming, trolling and any more of the like. If you do so, you will be kicked out of the group and most likely not welcomed back.
  2. Hikarin
    5) It's okay if you don't think a piece of advice that we've mentioned is correct and it's alright to question it; it's a learning process. However, do this only once. It can get very annoying and we are not being payed to help you for any of this in any way. I (Hikarin) in particular hate it when people argue with me when they are the ones asking for the advice.

    6) If we take a while to respond or add new topics, please be patient. We are busy with other projects and our life outside of the forum. Should we be unable to run the group any longer, we would mention so and pass it on to a new owner.

    7) If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see done (or even anything we may have missed), please direct your attention to the Suggestions thread.

    Happy Learning!
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