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AL Lyrics Project?

  1. Hikarin
    I had an idea that might be fun if people are up for it. We could all work together to write our own lyrics and eventually, if we get good enough, I or someone else could make music for it and we could sing it. =3
    If that came to pass, we could make an account on muzie or something.
    Anyway, I'll write the first part (what I invision being possibly an introductory chorus) and someone can go on from there. ^^ We take it turn by turn. We don't need to really think of composition for it. That can come later, just don't make lines too uneven in time. Also add suggestions to how someone could change a line. The important part is to have fun! xD Just a note, I'm not that good at writing lyrics in Japanese, so advice is appreciated! ;p
    Anyway, do let me know what you think of the idea. ^^
  2. marvelangga
    That's cool, I even dream of being a composer someday.. what's 'muzie'? :\
    Oh, in japanese? :O o-of course, but I still want to see what Hika-chan's lyrics are like~ XD What's the theme anyway? I'm imagining it'll be something about our life as AL t/l'ers, that'll be funny... :P
    I'm up for it!~
  3. Hikarin
    Really? Well, if you ever do, I'll be glad to do the vocals for it. ^^ Muzie is a popular Japanese music website.
    Hmmm, I'll come up with something then. ^^ I'll post it here tomorrow (an example paragraph) but lately, I've really been wanting to come up with a song based on or related to Tanabata! xD
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