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  1. aether
    What time was Jesus suppose to come round today?
  2. Elukien
    He was suppose to come around at 1pm. We were going to have lunch but never showed up.
  3. aether
    It would look that way doesn't it
  4. Elukien
    Yep and I'm pretty sure he's dead.
  5. aether
    you never know he might come back after all he came back from the dead once so we can give the boy a bscuit for that
  6. Meteorkeeper
    Another dooms day date passed.
    Why do we humans insist on scaring ourselves like we do.
  7. aether
    Because if we didn't we'd get complacent that the world will never end and nothing would get done, at the end of it all we advance ourselves to avoid the enevitable outcome of the planet's death
  8. Elukien
    The planet is going to die out at some point but that isn't gonna happen for a few millions years. And from what I can gather, it's mostly religion or a culture that worships a "god" that scare us and saying that "their god" is going to kill us all. If we had no religion then maybe the world would be less aggressive or wanting to scare everyone.
  9. aether
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