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have u ever wanted to go to tokyo or have u been to tokyo?

  1. nicole& hitsugaya
    nicole& hitsugaya
    i,ve always wanted to go to tokyo thats the #1 place i want to vist. so what about u guys?
  2. Animeguytotheright
    Going to Tokyo has always been one of my life's aspirations. So one day I'll go to Tokyo, probably after college or during.
  3. Kentaro Kurosaki
    Kentaro Kurosaki
    I wanna go to see where it all began
  4. Lily Hayashi
    Lily Hayashi
    me 2 i ask for airplan tickets to go there every year form christmas and my birthday
  5. Kisuke004
    yes i am planning to go there but i dont know when xd
  6. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    i wanted to go there to see all the anime stuff.
    and i also want to show off my jerking moves!
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