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Pokemon Strategies

  1. *Tsuki*
    If you're playing a game or something, what do you do?

    I mainly focus on the offense and actual attacks.
    Never keep the ones to help your Pokemon's stats go up. Makes the battle last too long. <_<

    I also always have a certain group as my main that are from different groups.
    Like, I'll always have a:

    Then I just switch them out accordingly to what's super effective.
  2. Skylar1
    I focus on mainly on High Offense attacks.

    My strategy is Speed and Recovery.

    More than likely you're going to see me using at least 1 Psychic type pokemon. 1 with well-rounded attack types. 1 medium level "hit-taker". And one "reverse-problem" pokemon.

    Above all else, I try to focus my priorities on keeping my "strongest offense" from fainting.
  3. Sapphire-Moon
    I mainly strengthen my defense then offense, need better protection
  4. aether
    I go in for the attack usually I yell at my Pokemon to hack and mane the opponents to death
  5. Dark Lord
    Dark Lord
    Pokemon is pretty easy really. The social aspect of pokemon is my favorite part. Trading and battling with people. I just wish there were more people my age that were interested.
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