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So, why is death note soo amazing?

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  1. Hypatia
    Yes, i doo love death note because it is not just action. But other than that i just cant think of what else makes it soo amazing.
  2. simatheblond
    it has the most amazing quotes and has an extraordinary plot line.
  3. Beyond B
    Beyond B
    I think The Reason I Like Death Note Is Theres Not Alot Of Action But instead its A cat and mouse game with alot of dialogue yes I guess im just one of those people who likes dialogue More then action
  4. Sapphire-Moon
    I agree with Beyond B, a great cat and mouse game. fill with suspense and so many cliffhangers. I was on the edge of my seat everytime
  5. mimichan1000
    For me, i find amazing because at the time it was different, something new.

    Plus the mind games were enjoyable to watch...
  6. takutolove
    I love the drawings!!!! XD
    But thats nothing compared to yep the cat and mouse game. ^_^
    I love watching them be so clever! The way they think is amazing! ^0^

    And another thing is its not to long. It doesnt trail on and go forever. It actually finnishes. >w<
    And just the point of a book, that if you write someones name in they die, how epic is that? XP
  7. deathnote0099
    i like ryuk alot he is funny and the anime is good to its just awsome sooo.... thats why its awsome because it is LOL
  8. jose-san
    hi there, i wanna join this group, im new in the website. about why is death note so amazing its (for me ) because it shows how can a good intentioned deed of one guy can turn rise and then hit a point were it becomes ab obsession evil intent to become a "god". i mean dont we all like to become something big , with power?
  9. tesaamari
    it makes me think of what will happen next

    unlike others, it's unpredictable

    the way L thinks amaze me most. he's so cool and intelligent
  10. chinooji
    just like simatheblond and Beyond B has an amazing dialogue and its a great cat and mouse game. It's suspenseful, always has you thinking, and an amazing story of how power can change someone and the world. I also agree with takutolove, some anime can really screw up a good manga and last forever dragging out the story, but the anime was amazing and ended when it should've. oh, props to the artist too, the art work matched the story perfectly! I give Death Note a 10
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