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Best/Favorite Low Budget Science Experiments

  1. Skylar1
    The title says it all.
  2. Eris
    You can verify the Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem by blinking rapidly while watching a washing machine or any other cyclic yet rapid motion (like a wheel). What the theorem says in a dumbed down fashion is that the maximum frequency possible in a sample (what you're seeing) is capped by it's sampling frequency (i.e. how fast you're blinking), therefore, the washing machine will appear to rotate slower than it does, or rotate backwards, or even stand still.
  3. The Ace RailGun
    The Ace RailGun
    The vacuume hover "car" (had a fellow class mate back in 4th grade do this) and is that bill nye on the group icon?
  4. Nodoka LaMei
    Nodoka LaMei
    Definitely the microwaving Ivory soap experiment. The soap looks SO cool after you microwave it.
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