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Rules (Please Read Once You Join!)

  1. Hikarin
    Family rules:
    1) You may only join one family.
    2) A married couple may divorce. The children (if any) then decide which parent they wish to stay with.
    3) I MUST have both persons permission to adopt a family before I allow it. Although it is not needed to have the permissions of you "parents", other "siblings" etc., it would be nice just to ask them first rather than causing an argument....
    4) If you repeatedly ask me to move you to another family, I will end up refusing so please just make a fair decision of what family you want to join.

    Posting rules:
    1) Post in the appropriate thread for whatever you want to say. You'll get in trouble off me if you go too far off the topic (I'm very lenient) or just spam >:z

    (continued below....)
  2. Hikarin
    2) You may hold any kind of events and so forth, just stick to family related things.
    3) For anything you want to have that doesn't have a particular section, post in the miscellaneous thread to give a new suggestion.
    4) No swearing, vulgar comments, flaming or anything else you know you'll get in trouble about! I WILL remove you from the group if you persist for either a period of time or permanently.

    Just remember:
    1) Follow the rules at all times and read the topics carefully (they may have their own individual rules). Respect everyone and everything!
    2) .... SPAM AND GET BANNED!
  3. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Can i make my own family?
    i'll make one and if you don't
    like it then tell me to not make one'ad i'll delete it.
    ok?hope you aprove...
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