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  1. Hikarin
    Here you can introduce yourself in hopes of finding a family to join or create. It may be best to list what kind of family relations you are looking for (eg. little sister etc.).
  2. xBabyxPandax
    Hi my name is Sarah. Im into vampires and music. I hope to be a loving little sister. Will someone please adopt me? ^^
  3. Hikarin
    Hi, nice to meet you and congratulations on being the first person to the group^^ I would if you like~
    I love a lot f music (I'm one of the animelyrics submitters) and as for vampires, I'm writing a story about them (well, their kinda like vampires at least; their really called "rovark").
  4. Hypatia
    Hi, Hi Im Cash-lee. I love music and anime i would like to join a family. I would like to be the sister in the middle. Please can i join your family?
  5. Hikarin
    Sure, that's fine^^ If there's any other friends you'd like to bring in, do do that. If you'd like, you can also add your family tree to your forum siggy.
  6. mimichan1000
    Hello, i'm mimi.
    I would like to join your family as either a cousin or as a sister.
    I'm an otaku and i also enjoy playing video games and looking at bishonen such as Gackt , Hyde or Miyavi.
    Have a good day!

  7. aether
    Greetings I'm aether
  8. OtakuGoCrazy
    Hiya~ Im OtakuGoCrazy I love anime and im a very kind person and really happy go lucky I would like to join your family, I would like to be a cousin or sister
  9. Hikarin
    Welcome everyone to the group!^^ Just list which one you'd rather, there's not much of a limit as to how big the family can be!XD Don't forget, you can also start your own^^
  10. Anuket
    Hiya guys! Name's Anuket, I've been on AF for quite a long time now, and now that I'm back I wanna be as active as possible~ I'm really friendly and I love a lot of things, like music, arts, literature and a lot of things! I would like to have an older sister or brother. =3 VM/PM me if you're interested!
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